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Let's transform your digital assets with high returns with our proven UX practices and collaborative design sprints.

Our Impact  

Creating jaw-dropping user experiences requires a holistic perspective and a multi-disciplinary team that can translate market demands with business requirements.

10x growth ✔️ 

Contributed to Papara's 10X growth with branding & digital UX transformation

221% ROI ✔️ 

Contributed to Modanisa's 221% conversion increase with digital transformation


Papara is a digital payment wallet serving 13M users in Europe, and the MENA region. We have transformed our client's mobile apps, B2B dashboards, and LPs with re-branding, service, and UX-UI design.We have supported their future product backlog with customer interviews.  


Modanisa is our e-commerce client, which operates in over 150 countries worldwide. We have transformed Modanisa's digital assets such as its landing page, mobile site, and app with qualitative user research, customer interviews, and practical, collaborative design sprints.

Trusted by Leading Brands

We have tackled dozens of design problems for our local and global clients with genuine passion. As OktoPeople, we have got you covered like your favorite in-house design team. What are your future plans?

Industries & Expertise

We currently migrating our company to Web3 industry. We have vast expertise in the Finance, Edtech, E-commerce, Automotive, Prop Tech, and Wellness-Sports Tech industries. SaaS, PaaS utility dashboards, and Marketplaces are one of our strong domains.

Web3, Smart Contracts, DAO's, blockchain, NFT's, DeFi's

High tech, software startups, SaaS, PaaS Marketplace

Consumer products, e-commerce, supply chain, IOT, and logistics

HealthTech, MedTech & Wellness, SportsTech, and FemTech.

Insight Driven Design


We have followed and evangelized proven UX best practices from tiny to complex projects and let user research guide us like a north star. Additionally, We have engineered a system to conceive the industry, business model, and key success metrics where we differ from the competition. 

What are your future objectives?  

For us, currency and the essence of business starts with trust. Let's take the first step to build long-lasting relationship together.


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