More precisely, what are UX and UI design? Why is it so important for a product or service?

UX means User Experience. UI means the User Interface and is one of the elements that make up the UX. For example, the UX creates the basic skeleton of a building. It deals with main works such as entrance, corridor, the height of the wall, windows, number of floors and so on. And The UI is the lighting of the building; the color of the wall, floor, ceiling, door material etc. and it is a more subtle part of UX. The view of the building, the place where it receives the wind, the place where it takes the sun, the resistance to rainwater etc. While the UX designer is concerned, the UI designer will also detail this design and refine it.

When you enter a website or application, what is the purpose of the system? What does the service want to offer?

What is this service for? What color does the user first see? Is it fast and easy to use? Can the users reach the service they need without getting help from anyone? How do users get the benefit from your service?

If a comprehensive and perfectly functioning UX design has been made, none of these problems will occur. A perfect system that is easy to operate without interruption can be created.

In short, UX is a set of principles that make a service or product best suited to the needs of the users, allowing them to find and use the product easily and quickly.

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What does OktoPeople do?

Founded in 2015, OktoPeople is a new generation Product company consist of the people who has been an expert in their own field.

Create profitable products with Business and UX best practices.

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The works that are handled with a boutique approach are carried out in a special work for the customers. Customers participate in the project, participate one-on-one and follow the process. It performs all the modules required for a full UX design, including OktoPeople's own brand User Tests. With these methods, success has been achieved with many projects and companies. The whole team has industry experience in the field. the owner of the company Isil Ozkan, carrying out important UX projects in Turkey and is one of the few names in Turkey and in this field (the names of the companies and project work) are some of the company she worked with.

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