Our Goal

The services provided by Papara, Turkey’s digital wallet, were far more extensive and profitable than its competitors. Procedures such as adding money to the digital wallet, making transactions and withdrawals 24/7 could be carried out in a safe and time-efficient manner without any age restrictions. However, the target audience needed to be further informed about these services and the user experience was to be improved. With the Papara renovation project, we aimed to raise the feedback rates and customer satisfaction.

  • Content Strategy
  • UX/UI Design
  • Web and Mobile App Design
18 Weeks
Mobile - Desktop Web
IOS & Android App

The Scope

An outline of Papara’s expectations from Oktopeople can be listed as follows:

  • Reaching a larger target audience.
  • Renovating the website interfaces and content.
  • Redesigning Papara mobile app.
  • Restructuring the service design and contents for user experience.
  • Constructing a content strategy in line with an improved corporate identity.
  • Remodelling the interfaces of Papara Internet Branch.
  • Designing their new product, Papara Card.

How did we help them?


Workshop of Ideas

We begin each project with our Workshop of Ideas. In this way, we both determine the scope and priorities of the project, and find out the basic needs with the team itself. Papara employees from a number of departments from software development to customer services participated in our Workshop of Ideas. We determined Papara’s user demands, fundamental goals and personas together during the workshop. What made our collaborative effort interesting was the emergence of essential needs that we were not previously aware of. One of these significant needs pertained to the construction of a corporate identity.


Trend and Competitor Analysis

We analyzed Papara’s local and global sector competitors based on the results of our Workshop of Ideas. What we learned from our detailed competitor analysis study with its pros and cons was at which points we were supposed to make a difference in our reconstruction of user experience and service design.

Strategy & Planning


We went through with the planning and prioritization of the project within the identified scope based on the Agile Method. The content, UX and UI functioned simultaneously, thanks to which we were able to test and refine after each completed phase. We visited the Papara headquarters every week for feedback. Their team was also able to track our progress online 24/7.

Content Strategy

Papara needed to express its trademark value and profitable services on a direct and clear tone. Their potential customers would be expected to understand what they could do and how to use a specific service without difficulty so that they could identify themselves with Papara. To that end, Oktopeople developed a content strategy that empathizes with the user.

  • Contents of the Papara application, website, mobile site and internet branch were redesigned.
  • The website content was renewed according to the personas that emerged as the outcome of our Workshop of Ideas. A number of different persona-oriented landing pages were designed. The contents were fictionalized based on persona needs.
  • The essential services provided by Papara, such as withdrawing cash, making transactions, etc., were designed as part of the overall content. Related FAQs were added to the end of each page.
  • Contents aiming to boost user count were highlighted on every page.
  • The UX of Papara Internet Branch was designed simultaneously with the content. All the UX content experience, from menu icons and explanations to the error messages, were rewritten.

Brand Equity and Corporate Identity

In order to come up with a content strategy, we had to define the brand’s identity too. Papara wanted to attract notice both with a new design and a fresh brand identity. As a result of our brand equity and archetype study, Papara was categorized under the characteristics of libertarian, progressive and explorer. The entire design guideline and content strategy along with the brand equity and identity results were prepared according to the output above.

  • The corporate colour, logo and identity of Papara were redesigned.
  • Design and content strategy were renewed based on the results of the corporate identity and brand equity study outcomes.
  • Papara Card was designed.
  • A design guideline was created.

Design & Prototype

UI/UX Design

The most challenging part of our work was the UX design of the Papara internet branch and website alongside the UI fittings compatible with the new design because we wanted to provide the Papara customers with an innovative experience unlike any other internet branch available. Our team worked hard to make a difference both on the application and the website.

  • The entire service was redesigned in line with the needs of existing Papara customers.
  • The UI/UX design was integrated with the content. We created a brand new internet branch experience from the menu icons to the content.
  • User experience problems were eliminated.
  • Up-to-date, user-friendly and easily comprehensible interfaces were put to use.


The first design and sketches were introduced to the Papara team. Feedback was given over the working prototype. This allowed us to make changes before the software development phase, which decreased our margin of error. In this way, we used our time efficiently.


OktoPeople is a creative, innovative and hardworking team. The work we did together on Papara’s corporate identity, application and website proved to be immensely profitable for us.

Emre KENCİ - Papara CTO

“Good design is as little design as possible.”

Dieter Rams

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