Our Goal

We set out to develop the user experience design of the Turkish mobile site, desktop web and application of Modanisa, serving in many countries from the Middle East to Europe in different languages. Higher quality experiences, especially on the mobile app, needed to be designed for the varying user personas of Modanisa, the world-known name in conventional apparel and the project aimed to increase feedback rates along with customer satisfaction.

  • UX User Tests
  • UX/UI Design
  • Web and Mobile App Design
20 Weeks
Mobile - Desktop Web
IOS & Android App

The Scope

What Modanisa expected from us within the project framework:

  • Determination of customer needs via user tests.
  • Consolidation of the customers’ brand perception through UI and visual design language.
  • Ensuring that the customers reach the contents of Modanisa more easily and increasing the appeal of the brand.
  • Drawing distant personas to the Modanisa services.
  • Development of platforms as Mobile Web-Desktop Web, Mobile Apps in line with the identified needs.

What Did We Do?


Workshop of Ideas

We begin each project with our Workshop of Ideas. In this way, we both determine the scope and the priorities of the project, and find out the basic needs with the team itself. Modanisa employees from a number of departments, such as software development, marketing, customer relations and even the founding partners participated in our Workshop of Ideas. We determined Modanisa’s brand values, fundamental user problems and user opportunities together during the workshop. Personas to be chosen for user tests were also identified.


UX - User Tests and UX - Market Research

We found users similar to our basic personas. We had UX user tests carried out over existing platforms and specific scenarios. During the tests, we determined how the users perceived the service, where they had difficulties and certain ergonomic issues. In our tests, which were 60 minutes long for each user, we discovered a good number of UX opportunities for our 15 users’ product experience journeys. We shared the details of the results in the UX User Test Report.

Throughout this process, we concentrated on UX market research as well. We reviewed the interactions that successful companies initiated in order to develop user experience and added them to our report.

Strategy & Planning

Mobile Prioritized Approach

All the reports and outputs that were produced during the analysis and exploration processes came in handy for determining the UX strategy and planning the scope in line with the priorities.

After establishing the UX strategy, we started to work with the Agile method. We visited the Modanisa headquarters every week during this period to receive feedback. Furthermore, the Modanisa team was able to track our progress online 24/7.

Design & Prototype

UI/UX Design

To start with, UX and UI worked simultaneously to develop mobile experience. After the sketching, UX development and UI application phases, which took approximately 6 weeks, our mobile prototypes were produced. During this period, user needs and all the analyzed UX developments were reflected on the sketches and special solutions were created for the personas. Refinements progressed quickly in the wireframe period and the Modanisa team was heavily involved throughout.

The colours and fabrics that the personas came across often in daily life were analyzed in the brand identity branch of our UI studies. Oriental elements were blended with the modern so that they could be compatible with advanced functions and the UX. To support this process, the main and secondary brand UI colours were determined. With the newly created style, we moved on to the UI and Visual Design phase and produced UI prototypes in a short time. Thanks to our high definition and detailed UI prototypes, the flows were tracked without any extra effort at the software end and made available for further development.

During this process, the development of mobile apps and web interfaces were conducted simultaneously.

Prototype-Based User Test and Refinements

We carried out one-to-one tests with a Modanisa user group of 10 over high-detailed mobile UI prototypes. As a result of the tests, we were able to identify to what extent the new UX flows and UI language were improved in comparison to the previous situation. The outcomes of the test were instantly applied on the mobile experience.

Delivery of the Prototypes and the UI & Visual Design

The documents, whose UI and visual design language and development were ready to strengthen brand perception, were shared instantly with the Modanisa product team and the department of software development on Cloud. All the revisions were also shared with their team simultaneously. In this way, the necessary units were able to view the changes and take action immediately.


“Thanks to OktoPeople’s advisory support through the process of renovating our website and mobile application, we were able to understand our customers’ experiences during shopping in a better way and develop solutions in line with their needs. We would like to thank OktoPeople for their services in determining user experience and establishing a design language.”

Sami Güzel - Modanisa CTO

“Good design is as little design as possible.”

Dieter Rams

Hello OktoPeople!