Vefa Mammadova

Energetic, Swimmer, PC Gamer

“In fact, with every problem we solve, we put into practice one of the definitions of design. What is essential is not understanding the customer’s issues but to go beyond that, generate solutions and start practicing those solutions. At this point, design is not only a matter of problem solving but also one of empathizing with the user to make an interaction first and then to design that interaction.”

After graduating from the Industrial Product Design department and working in different sectors, Vefa joined the OktoPeople team. And now she is experiencing the excitement of embarking on new projects, acquiring more knowledge and being part of the change. Specializing in UX and service design and starting off from the idea that our perceptions of design are enriched by various disciplines and activities, Vefa highlights the positive effects of being actively engaged with music, arts and sport on the individual.

İyi ürünler, yüksek motivasyon ve takım ruhuyla üretilir.

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