Raziye Gönüllü

IT Specialist of the Future, Gourmet and Nature-Lover

“With its awareness of work ethics and family coziness, the OktoPeople team became my biggest support for getting a start in business.”

A final year student in IT Systems Engineering, Raziye is the youngest member of the team. Refusing to wait until her graduation to begin her professional career, Raziye came across OktoPeople when she was looking for a job that can develop her abilities. Since she always felt an affinity with design, this new post excited her to a great extent. She believes that UX is present at every spot of the constantly developing and digitalizing world.

By merging her technical training at the university with the UX viewpoint of OktoPeople, Raziye hopes to have an experience full of success. Working with people who have an awareness of work ethics and share a family coziness in OktoPeople is her biggest support on this journey. She sees every stone on her path to self-fulfillment not as an obstruction but as a step because for her, making mistakes is just another way of learning. Although people tell her that she is being a Pollyanna most of the time, Raziye never stops believing that seeing the glass half full will always make life easier.

She is one that eats for pleasure and not out of necessity. For her, cooking is equally entertaining as eating. She enjoys spending time with decoration and DIY projects; she never gets sick of painting, cutting and shearing. It always motivates her to come up with some beautiful handicraft.

Nature and the human being are inseparable in her opinion. She believes that every detail in our lives is inspired by nature.

İyi ürünler, yüksek motivasyon ve takım ruhuyla üretilir.

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