Meriç Bakış

Sailor, Cyclist and Nature Enthusiast

“Design is actually in life itself; on the streets and through the parks. You don’t have to go far to think based on design. Similar rules apply around us as it is one of the life’s functions. The ones that are necessary become products. Nature can be said to act as one of the best MVP builder.”

Having joined OktoPeople on a chilly October evening, Meriç added spice to the team by reflecting his industrial design education and experiences on digital products and services. He gives counsel in a number of different projects within the areas of research, UX and service design. Very passionate about his self-development in Project Managament, Meriç is also a devotee of nature and currently shares his work environment with more than 20 different plants.

A hearty follower of digital transformation and new generation industries, Meriç predicts that efficient products appealing to living beings will be of significance in the future and he works on ideas/projects endorsing this foresight. Believing that we are constantly moving, producing and pedalling creatures, Meriç wakes up every day with his goal toward a meaningful life and self-transforms through punctuality and discipline. He also suggests that designers should adopt design-oriented thinking methods in their daily lives first, and then in their professional careers.

İyi ürünler, yüksek motivasyon ve takım ruhuyla üretilir.

Işıl Özkan

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