Dante Işıl Özkan

Basketball Player, Entrepreneur and Art Lover

“OktoPeople is a collective effort consisting of multidisciplinary designers with a principle of continuous self-improvement, who aim toward employing their true potential in every area of their lives and thus act as an exemplary citizen and human being.”

OktoPeople supports inner awakening and awareness whereas disdaining rote and routine. It was out of such concern that Işıl, who lit the fuse by founding Oktopeople in 2015, chose the 24/7 over the 9-to-5 (“See, every day I’m hustling” is Işıl’s motto). Her life’s purpose is to raise awareness by learning and developing every day and to make the whole world her home. In administration, she takes constant self-improvement (kaizen), collective labour, transparency, efficiency, Agile methods and the like as her principles; she endeavors to practice them as she finds out more about them.

As well as following new generation technologies that inspire UX, such as artificial intelligence and VR, Işıl constructs the strategic goals and route of OktoPeople under a collective consciousness to provide a customer exclusive and boutique approach.

Işıl was trained in the arts and graphic design during her university years. She played basketball on the American College league with a scholarship and worked with a number of coaches who had varying personalities. Despite having the opinion that coaches are cruel at times, she experienced and learned about the significance of rules and discipline in professional life (thug life).

As a team sport with players who have different responsibilities complementing each other in a harmonious way, basketball inspired Işıl in her business life. This is why she based OktoPeople on multifunctional and talented designers, each of whom is also a special and beautiful individual with a profound understanding of collaboration.

With whatever time she has left after the rush, Işıl pursues different experiences and new viewpoints by sparing time for meditation, art exhibitions, painting, dancing and other branches of art.

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