Beril Koçoğlu

Musician, Traveler and Nature-Lover

“Don’t disconnect from yourself, live. Others will always expect you to be something. What about you; what do you really want? You are lucky if you can design your own life freely! Fight for the things that make you happy, be courageous; embrace failure as well as success. It is in your hands to create your own chance.”

Beril believes that we can design our inner worlds. For her, creativity and freedom are indispensable but everything has a price. We must discover what makes us happy; leave behind the moulds that limit us and keep up with the struggle. We must make our choices knowingly, with courage and take responsibility for them no matter what their results might be. Even if we happen to fail, we must change when necessary and start over again.

They say it is not typical of a Taurus woman to be radical but Beril was not afraid of making out of the ordinary decisions on many occasions. When she was an AFS exchange student, she surprised everyone by not choosing a popular country but going for Venezuela. She came up with the wrong decision sometimes too, but all of them were only a twist of fate. Even though music and singing were her biggest passions, she studied Turkish Language and Literature while never giving up on music. At university she gave concerts with a number of different bands and participated in international jazz festivals.

She worked as an editor for GittiGidiyor for long years and scored a number of significant accomplishments. She worked side by side with various departments from marketing to software development and won awards for her innovative ideas. Back in those years, when content was not the king in the market, she devoted herself to spreading the importance of content strategy. She followed the accurate sources abroad and completed the UX and Content Strategy training and exams of Nielsen Norman Group. She earned a UX Certificate in 2015.

In that same year, after leaving her job at GittiGidiyor to join a start-up project, Beril became part of OktoPeople founded by her former colleague Işıl who shares the same vision with her. She carried out a number of successful projects with the OktoPeople team thanks to her awareness that UX design and content should complement one another and the experiences she accumulated through the years.

Gathering her life energy from nature, music and her free soul, Beril runs away to natural spots and foreign countries to relieve herself from the chaos and stress of the city.

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İyi ürünler, yüksek motivasyon ve takım ruhuyla üretilir.

Işıl Özkan

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