Dante Işıl Özkan

Serial entrepreneur, Old Basketball, Spiritual Being

🔥 Closed 7 figure deals with previous Consultancy Company OktoPeople with exponential growth rates.

🔥 Her other startup venture OktoMax has succesfully graduated from Innogate International Business Accelerator by 2018. Selected among 10.000 other Turkish startups.

🔥 Dante has recenlty gradudated from Startup Wise Guys, B2B SaaS Leading European Accelerator's Intense 5 months of training with world class mentors by 2020. Her Estonian startup OktoMax has selected among other 500 international startups and competed with selected 35 startups during the Hackathon, finally made the top 10.

⚡️ 12 years of experience in product and startup management and engineering. WNCAA American College Basketball league on a full athletic scholarship, multiple athletic and academic awards, B.A. -Visual Arts Adams State University, Colorado 2007. Worked for global tech and eCommerce companies as eBay, IBM.

"OktoPeople supports inner awakening and awareness whereas disdaining rote and routine. It was out of such concern that Dante, who lit the fuse by founding Oktopeople in 2015, chose the 24/7 over the 9-to-5 (“See, every day I’m hustling” is Dante’s motto).

Her life’s purpose is to raise awareness by learning and developing every day and to make the whole world her home. In administration, she takes constant self-improvement (kaizen), collective labour, transparency, efficiency, Agile methods and the like as her principles; she endeavors to practice them as she finds out more about them."

Dante was trained in the arts and graphic design during her university years. She played basketball on the WNCAA American College league with a scholarship and worked with a number of coaches who had varying personalities.

Dante Işıl Özkan

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