Founded in 2015, OktoPeople is a new generation UX consulting firm. What makes OktoPeople different than its competitors is its BOUTIQUE and customer-exclusive approach.

OktoPeople’s strongest value offer consists of an expert team of multidisciplinary designers with invaluable experience in the sector. Among our leading services are user research, design, product development, content strategy and optimization.

Our goal is to design innovative and profitable new generation products millions of users can experience with ease and delight.

OktoPeople Values

“Every day is better than the last”

We are a team that believes in change. This is why we get inspired by the Kaizen teaching, a combination of the Japanese kai (change) and zen (better). This change illuminates our personal lives as well as motivating us to own up to what we do as a team and adapt to the fast pace of universal trends.

The Team

In OktoPeople, everybody does what they are best at for a collaborative creation of good work reflecting each teamworker’s unique experience.

We are happy people who have enough time for their non-professional activities. Among us are musicians, as well as basketball players and sailors… The professional model we constructed based on new generation business methods means we have a good and effective time coming up with the best results while feeling independent and motivated in life.

Our Remote Business Model

Thanks to the fast-evolving technology, we can work from anywhere with an internet connection. We make sure that each member of our team works wherever they feel comfortable and whenever they are at their most productive. This business model does not at all prevent us from abiding by the project plan or handing in our high-quality output on time; to the contrary, it forces each one of us to be more responsible and proactive in time management.

Our remote business model includes frequent visits to our customers and carrying out workshops with the team during the project. We share our work with our clients on Cloud and let them track our progress 24/7. We strongly believe that our boutique service remains within a framework of mutual trust and exceptional quality.

Our Agile Method

When we are working on a project, we benefit from project planning methods that help us deliver the best results at the right time. We make use of the Agile methods, which we believe are most suitable for what we do and the OktoPeople project management processes.

Thanks to Agile, we create a business plan quickly and simultaneously integrate everyone into the process, from software development to content. We divide the project into phases and move to the next stage only after testing the previous one. In this way, we manage even complex-looking projects with collaborative teamwork and effective time management.


Are you a responsible, confident and determined future designer with a mind set on continuous self-improvement? Come join us!

Working for OktoPeople brings out a person’s full potential because it can only be released in a free work environment with a team effort.

The new generation business methods that we offer emancipate the individual from the confines of an office space but they also necessitate responsibility and discipline. The OktoPeople team consists of positive individuals with vibrant personalities who have developed an inner and professional discipline along with an enthusiasm for what they do.

OktoPeople Youth Academy

OktoPeople means young people. We have a strong belief in their creative vision and courage because it was based on these values that our team set out to learn more and draw its own path. OktoPeople united us; we took risks, worked diligently and shared failure as well as success together.

Why don’t you join us so that we can discover the nuances of design and user experience together and let our knowledge turn into artistry? Who knows, perhaps you will be a member of our team at the end of the Youth Academy.

Click here to sign up for the Youth Academy

OktoPeople Academy

In OktoPeople Academy, we offer “Corporation-Exclusive Agile UX Training”. We pass on a UX consciousness via practical examples of collective design and UX processes during training and workshop sessions which employees from different departments can attend.

Our Partners

We believe that solidarity will bring strength. That is why we leave everything that is outside of our expertise to other professionals.

In some projects, we merge our skills and resources with our business partners for a collaborative effort. A defining criterion for our work is that it is time-effective and high-quality as well as being built within an environment of mutual trust. Write to us if you want to join forces with the OktoPeople team.

“Good design is as little design as possible.”

Dieter Rams

Hello OktoPeople!